Who are The Cyclone Rangers?

The Rangers are a colletion of like minded people doing what they can to make life a better place for everyone, no matter their ethnic background, religion or state of existance.

Are they real?

Yes..and No. The people, the ideas they stand for, and their involvement in life is as real as it gets. The "no" part covers the fiction and situations you might read about on the site. Most of our /real/ adventures will never be retold for reasons of security and to protect our personal dignity.

Where do they come from?

The Rangers come from varied backgrounds from all across the world. Only a few of the Rangers are actually listed on this site. For more info check out The Bios page.

Can I hire The Cyclone Rangers?

The short answer is no. We don't work for hire and we won't accept money for what we do for moral reasons. If you can't understand why, perhaps a little time should be spent considering yourself before getting someone else to act on your problem? Perhaps after that, we might consider doing it if it is "A right action".

Who and what are the Rough Riders?

The Rough Riders are a special support group who may not have the time to work with The Cyclone Rangers full time. They fufill specialised roles in some Ranger actions, provide logistical support or the occasional reality check on what we are planning.

How do I become a Cyclone Ranger?

Maybe you already are and don't know it. There is a little Cyclone Ranger in everyone, you just need to learn how to get in touch with the more atuned side of your nature.

How do I become a Rough Rider?

The Cyclone Rangers' extensive network of information around the globe keeps us informed as to who may make a good Rough Rider. Sometimes they are recomended by Rangers or other Rough Riders, more often than not, it is their karma and they will reveal themselves when they are ready.

Who is Buckaroo??

Dr. Buckaroo Banzai of the Banzai Institue. for more information on him and the Institute, Click Here

Why are you doing this?

This question when asked, had the best reply I could think of at the time and it still rings true. "If we don't , who will?"

What do the Rangers do?

See "Who and what are The Cyclone Rangers?" above.

What do the Rough Riders do?

See "Who and what are the Rough Riders?" above.

How did a dog end up in charge?

When dealing with any group of people, egos can become a problem. Especially when you have a group with such strong personalites to begin with. So, by placing Tiny in charge, everyone gets a free wake up call as to our place in the universe.

Hey! You never answered my question about X!!!

Not a problem!! To leave you in limbo would be "muy un-bueno", so just send us your question and we will get back to you. Heck, if it is a good one, we'll put it in the FAQ with credit to you!