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The Banzai Institute Online The official site of our good friends, Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers. Here you can find out what's up around the Institute, learn about the possibilities of a Banzai TV series, pick up copies of the Special Edition DVD of the 1984 docudrama, Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension, and interact with other Banzai associates. Tell Reno we said Hi!

World Watch One the page that kept the home fires burning for the Banzai Institute during the 90's until the present. Hosted by Arclight. Please note: The Cyber Rangers mentioned on his site are no relation to us, other than their desire to do good in a world often torn apart by the forces of darkness.


SETI@home Donate your computer downtime to the Search for Extraterrestrial Life. Download the screensaver for Windows, Mac, UNIX, (Hey! What about AmigaDOS!)


The Official Homepage of Penn and Teller Yes, the bad boys of magic have their own site. Little known fact that Penn and Teller are good allies of the Cyclone Rangers, and were made official Rough Riders, (look for the story of how this happened to be coming to this site. We'll, post it as soon as the restraining orders are lifted! Yeesh! One national landmark takes minor cosmetic damage, and everyone get's sooooo huffy. I mean. What's the big problem? The explosion put most of the fire out....Ummm... Nevermind. Penn, Teller, and the Rangers are still a little bitter over that one!) Anyway, you can buy merchandise, books, card decks, and other swag from here, as well as read about their new project; their version of "Reality TV," as seen on HBO: Bullsh*t


Our Primary Documentation Archive Think you've got what it takes to be a Ranger? Well, there's more to it than being able to sling lead downrange, handle a sword, and hard code UNIX! Read, learn, understand.


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