The Fish

Daniel "The Fish" Trout esq, like most of his fellow Cyclone Rangers, comes from a very eclectic and shrouded background. Little is known of his origins and he reveals little about himself.

"Those type of flashbacks are unnecessary to the narrative flow of the plot, and have consequently been cut from the script."

(TRANSLATION: I don't want to talk about that..please move along.)

He spent his formative years flitting around the Midwestern United States and finally ended up going to a small local university majoring in radio and television production.

Soon after, he met a Sino-Scottish videographer named Angus MacChin. Angus saw great potential in The Fish and spirited him off to Tibet to the mythical Video Production Monastary of B-Roll. He then began his vigorous training in the mystic arts of Zen Videography, and video-form Kung Fu.

The training was one grueling day of lecture, drill, practice and punishment after another. But after several years, The Fish, (called "Kataka" or "Fish" by the Tibetan Brothers,) mastered the beautiful and deadly form of Shashinki-Do, the way of the Video Camera, and was accepted as an acolyte into the Brotherhood.

One day, The Fish was returning to the monastary from a small shoot in Hong Kong, and found the monastary in ruins. The only member of the Brotherhood left alive was Sifu MacChin, who told the Fish that a bomb had been placed in the monastary by an agent of the dreaded Doctor ?, an out of work BBC actor who had vowed revenge on video producers.

With his dying breath, Sifu MacChin told the Fish that he was brought to B-Roll because he was special, and that his coming was fortold in a prophecy from a long dead monk who had the ability to read ahead in the Script of Life.

"Ye're th' chosen one…Th' one wha' will rebuild us…Ye're na' longer Kataka…ye're Kun Rgyu, (tibetan for "bird," "fish," or "wandering monk." In this case, all three,) fly high an' fair from thi' place an' avenge our deaths. Fin' those that were able ta' flee, and those of us who ha' left B-Roll, rebuil' our ranks, laddie…Make us whole a'gin…"

With a heavy heart, The Fish buried his master and the other monks, and began his long sojourn back to the US.

The Fish has since been working as a Freelance Videographer, (although many call him a "Video Mercenary" or "Ronin" due to his aggressive Oriental technique,) with an albeit short stint in broadcast television. He has now formed Fishmonger Films & Multimedia, where he utilizes his unique approach of video and film production to help his clients.

During the early days of his Mercenary work, he was contacted by Tiny, Small Dog, Leader of the Cyclone Rangers, and deposed Emperor of Finland. Tiny had heard of the tragedy of B-Roll and knew first hand of the great powers of the order.

HRM Tiny sent Rev. Bryian Winner to recruit The Fish. The Fish took one look at the Cyclone Rangers charter and joined. The rest, as they say, is denumount.

The Fish is master of the seldom practiced "video" form of Kung Fu. These techniques are based upon the requirements and movements of various video production technicians. He is highly skilled in the empy hand techniques of this brutal, and yet beautiful art.

The Fish is also skilled in several video weapons styles, including boom microphone, XLR Cable, Leatherman Pocket Tool, and Clapper Slate. He specializes, however, in Shashinki-Do, or "The Way of the Video Camera," and Shasinkitzu, which is camera combat.

His particular weapon of choice, is Canon's XL1, a highly advanced, and experimental piece of equipment that the Fish has mastered to the deadliest of it's ability.

The Fish acts as the Cyclone Rangers communications specialist, multimedia consultant, and television remote, and is currently writing his first major work, Zen and the Art of Video Production, as the first step to rebuilding the B-Roll Monastary. This work will most likely be published at this site.

"I don't know whether the prophecy is true. Maybe I am Kun Rgyu. When it is time to rebuild B-Roll, I will know. Right now, there is much evil and injustice to fight, and much work for the Rangers to do. To abandon the outside world to rebuild now would be premature, egotistical, and hardly what Buddha would call a 'Right Action.'"