<>Keltic Tommy

NAME: His Royal Majesty, Tiny Beauvisage Miniescule', Sovereign Emperor of Finland.

AGE: 15 years at point of death

PLACE OF BIRTH: Mariehamn, in the Aland Islands, Finland

GROUP AFFILIATION: Former Sovereign of Finland,(deposed, in exile.) Cyclone Rangers founder and leader.

KNOWN ALIASES: Tiny, Tin-o, Monsour Miniescule', Weaselhound.

WEAPON PROFICIENCIES: Claw-claw-bite, expert in weasel-form Kung Fu, Tiny-Gas, (later outlawed by the Geneva Convention.


One of the more unusual members of the Cyclone Rangers is their beloved leader, Tiny. What is so unusual about him is that he happens to be a small, orange, Jack Russell Terrier. What is even more unusual is that Tiny is the rightful Emperor of Finland.

Tiny can trace his royal heritage back several generations to 1805,where his Great Great Great Great Grandfather was the lap dog of Emperor Alexander of Russia. Alexander won Finland from Sweden in 1808 and according to history, declared them an Autonomous Grand Duchy. However, documents exist that prove that EmperorAlexander, who suffered from that wondrous European Royal trait of inbreeding, actually established a Finnish Monarchy of which his dog became Emperor. Tiny's ancestors ruled in secret for the majority of the 1800's, until they were deposed by the Finnish Civil War of 1918. Fearing for their lives, Tiny's family fled the country.

After the fall of Communism in the late 1980's, Tiny believed the political atmosphere to be ripe for his family's return to power and he returned to his ancestral seat. He appeared before Finnish Parlament in Helsinki and claimed his birthright, demanding that he be placed upon the Finnish Throne. Parlament could not contest Tiny's documents and claims and briefly declared him Emperor. But nothing lasts forever. No one is sure exactly what happened next and Tiny refuses to discuss it, but Tiny reportedly urinated on the shoes of the head of the Antisocial Democratic Party. There was a political scandal and a moral outrage. Tiny was deposed and exiled from Finland. He vowed to return one day and once again reign as Emperor.

Tiny first met the Cyclone Rangers team leader, Rev.Bryian Winner, (AKA Cyclone One,) shortly after his exile, when Bryian foiled an assasination attempt on his highness. Highly skilled Finnish terrorists were sent to liquidate the canine ruler by a radical arm of Finland's Antisocial Democratic Party. They wanted revenge on Tiny for the insulting bodily function he performed upon their leader. Tiny was shot in the muzzle, but managed to survive. (what Bryian did to the assassins cannot be posted on this page due to graphic content...Hey! We're a PG-Rated Site!)

Tiny had a very long and difficult recovery, during which he decided that the world must be rid of such scum and villiany like those who tried to destroy him, less they perform more indignities and atrocities upon the Human and Canine Race. He instructed Bryian to travel the world and assemble a team containing the best combatants, researchers, scientists, and philosophers he could find. They were all busy and refused to talk to him. Bryian had to settle for what he could find, and the Cyclone Rangers were born.

Tiny is the master of a very arcane martial art; Weasel-Form Kung Fu, in which the object is to cause your opponent to laugh uncontrollably by contorting your body into silly shapes.

Tiny is a brilliant and vicious tactician and combatant, which has earned him the epithet of "The Napoleon of the Canine World." He lives out his exile happily, scanning the multiple screens of the Cyclone One Mainframe's World Happenings Database for signs of evildoers. He enjoys The Ranger's globe-trotting lifestyle and funds their excursions and adventures without a thought. They are his friends and bodyguards, to whom he gives advice and assistance as needed.
In the immortal words of Emperor Tiny,

Mwuf! >Sneeze!<

January 20th at 0904EST 2k3: The Emperor of Finland, His Royal Highness Tiny, passed away in hospital after an extended illness. His family surrounded him at the time of his passing. There were no public services. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to your local SPCA in his name as a remembrance. As befitting the leader of the Cyclone Rangers, he entered into the afterlife with his eyes open and ready to go. Do not consider him gone, just blazing a trail into another dimension for the rest of us so we can join him in the eternal struggle of good versus evil.