You found a hidden section on the site, lucky you!!!

As a reward for your diligent clicking everywhere till you wound something we present this little glimpse behind the scenes at a Cyclone Rangers / Rough Riders live fire training exercise.

Remember these are real firearms. You should only operate them after proper professional training and with a cool clear head.

Train hard, for when you do need it the action will be second nature.”

- Rev. Bryian Winner addressing the 3rd International Conference of the United Nations Council on Law Enforcement.

Keltic Tommy and RR Sneaky Pete checking the targets with scopes

A consultation on the operations of some new ammunition.

Part of the “ready table”.

RR Morgana Frogstalker doing her qualification with the lever action

RR Morgana Frogstalker getting revolver training before shooting

RR Liz showing her technique for 12gauge pump rapid fire

Everybody like to relax a little. (note the “safe” AK47)

The Fish showing his lever action technique

3 stage shooting (Top to bottom Keltic Tommy, The Reverend and RR Lt.Daniel)

RR's Molly and Liz practice the “Anti-Zombie 6 gun defense”

Another angle of the 3 stage shooting

Waiting for target resets. (Note the sat-dish in the background)